TAVAC will consider nominations and award scholarships/aid for post secondary education/training for students receiving special education services and are involved in a work-based learning program (paid or non-paid). 


Rules for Applicants                                                                                                      

  • Deadline for application is the last Friday of March.

  • You must be a current TAVAC member to submit an application.

  • Only fully completed application packets will be considered. 

  • High school students complete the forms located on the 1st Time Applicants page.

  • Current recipients of TAVAC Scholarships must reapply to extend their scholarship using the forms on the Re-Application page.


Considerations for scholarship applications will be made at the TAVAC spring board meeting. The number of scholarships awarded and the amounts of those scholarships are determined by the TAVAC Executive Board after receiving recommendations from the Scholarship Committee.  View the rubric used by the scholarship committee.