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2022-2024 TAVAC Board Nominations

Please consider serving as an officer with TAVAC.  Nominations for a position on the TAVAC Executive Board will be accepted until April 30, 2023.  Voting will occur during the Annual TAVAC Conference July 16 – July 19, 2023.  All officers shall be employed as a VAC or TEA certified professional serving in the vocational transition for special needs students, and shall have been a current member in good standing for the preceding two consecutive years.  If elected, you will take office at the Annual TAVAC Summer Conference. Serving as an officer for TAVAC does require a time commitment but it is well worth the effort to be able to work with a great group of educators in service to the organization. Nominations are currently being accepted for the offices of 1st Vice President, Secretary, and special election for Treasurer. The odd numbered regional representatives (1, 3, 5, and 7) will be nominated and elected at the Regional meetings during the Conference.

The First Vice-President serves as the chairperson for the Scholarship committee which oversees the application process and selection of winners. Then notifies winners and presents at the conference. They also serve as chairperson for membership committee recording and awarding membership service year pins and helping to select and recognize LifeTime members.


The duties of the Secretary, under supervision and direction of the President, are to keep

general organization records including: minutes of conference general meetings,

board meetings, committee appointments, officer lists, attendance records.

They also maintains correspondence by providing updated minutes to the Tech Liaison to post

on the website. At the conference they assist by helping with registration and deposits

received monies.


The duties of the Treasurer, under supervision and direction of the President, are to receive membership dues and disburses membership information to the

secretary and editor. Write checks, promptly deposits monies, and oversees the collection of all

monies due to the organization and makes proper receipt thereof. Keeps organization's accounts and a detailed record of organization's receipt and disbursements. Issues a quarterly report to the executive board to be published in the newsletter (provides updated financial statement). Makes all financial reports required by TAVAC.Chairs the Budget Committee. Submits annual financial data to the audit committee for review at the second board meeting.

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