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Honorary Membership

Guidelines for Life Member Nomination

Click here to make a nomination for a Life Time Membership


  • Any TAVAC member may present nominations to their Regional Representative or any TAVAC board member. The forms are located on the Brochures and Forms tab on the TAVAC website.

  • The deadline for the calendar year for recommendations shall be the April board meeting.

  • The recommendation shall be submitted to the 1st Vice-President who will chair a Life Membership Committee consisting of Regional Representatives.

  • The committee shall be responsible for evaluating the recommendations and selecting candidates for life membership.

  • The Executive Board shall vote on the recommended candidates to decide who will be the recipients.

  • Appropriate dues cards shall be prepared and given to the President. The President will write a letter of notification to the recipients and include their dues membership card.

Current Life Members

1981 Carl Crosskno, VAC, Deer Park ISD


1983 Dr. Linda Parrish, Texas A&M University


1992 Betty Garrett, VAC, Passadena ISD


1994 Norris Harris, VAC, Houston


2000 Kenneth Herron, VAC, Liberty


2001 Nancy Nelms, VAC, Del Valle


2001 Ben Jungmann, VAC, Austin


2001 Lou Clouinger, VAC, Sugarland


2001 Karen Dye


2001 Steve Callaway


2001 Sherry Dicks, VAC, Duncanville


2001 Allen Burd



2007 Rodney Robinson, VAC


2007 Moses Perales, VAC


2007 Susan McCormick, VAC


2007 Renee Sadler, VAC


2008 Jim Cathey, VAC, Fall River


2008 John Estes, VAC, Robertson County Coop


2008 Imogene Nelson, VAC, Silsbee


2008 Margaret Cook, VAC, White Settlement


2008 Doylene Walker, VAC, Fort Worth


2008 Carole Thomas, VAC, Friendswood


2009 Milton Brack, VAC, Jasper


2009 Nancy Hunter, Transition Specialist, ESC 20


2011 Jeanne Patrick, Transition Specialist, ESC 6

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