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TAVAC is...

  • an organization with a high level of professionalism for VACs , Transition Specialists, Job Coaches, Vocational Counselors, Life Skills Teachers and other professionals working directly with VAC students or in the area of transition.

  • part of a network working cooperatively with organizations interested in preparing students with disabilities for post-high school outcomes involving employment, post-secondary education, adult services, independent living, and community participation.

  • a strong unified support system for its membership.

  • the sponsor of a scholarship program for high school students that are receiving special education services and are involved in a work-based learning program (paid or non-paid).

  • an opportunity to contribute to the development of student success through representation and leadership.


  • TAVAC Handbook 

  • State and Regional Newsletters

  • Professional Development Certification (must be a TAVAC member) 

  • Annual Summer Conference 

  • Employer Appreciation Certificates 

  • TAVAC Membership Directory 

  • Access to Conference Presentations and Handouts

  • Nominate Students for Scholarships 

  • Membership Awards Program

  • Statewide Network

  • Sharing of Ideas and Best Practices

If you attend the TAVAC summer conference, your membership is free. For those who are unable to attend, you can still join by clicking on the button above.

Annual dues are only $25. After completing the neccessary information, you will receive a password to access the members only sections of the website.

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